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Announcing the WINSALES Interactive Training Center™, our new Web Based On-line training and support center.

Silent Partner is continually looking for ways to optimize your utilization of the WINSALES system. Web based training and support offers an effective method for live, one on one interaction with a Certified Silent Partner account support coordinator. This gives you the help you need exactly when you need it. No more waiting for a call back or lengthy emailed explanations. If you have not seen how these collaborative web sessions work we invite you to give us a call and one of our support coordinators will be happy to show you.

The Benefits

  • A low cost alternative to on-site training
  • Custom Training - you choose the topics to be trained on
  • New Users are up and running quickly
  • You determine the day and time that will best meet your needs
  • Training can be conducted on YOUR database

How to Register for Scheduled Training Sessions

It's easy. Fill out the registration form and fax it along with the signed FAXBACK Engagement to Silent Partner. After the training date has been confirmed, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to log into your scheduled session.

Types of Training

User Training: Train on all the aspects of the WinSales module. Entering new Contacts, scheduling and resolving Activities, working with the Calendar, running Workbench functions and Reference tables. See the User Training Registration form for further details.

Administrative Training: Learn to work with WinSales Administrator, Fulfillment Center and NetSync. Use the Administrator to create new Activities and fields, modify existing fields, create security groups and add new Users and sites. Within WinSales, learn to do imports, exports, advanced Workbench functionality and modify User settings. See the Administrator Training Registration form for further details.

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 98/2000/NT/XP with Pentium processors
  • Netscape 4.x or Internet Explorer 4.x
  • 56k Internet connection or better.  If you are accessing the Internet over your LAN, the more users you have connected to the Internet will effect the speed of the program.
  • If you are using Windows NT or 2000, you may need to have administrator privileges to load the necessary utilities into your Internet Browser application. Contact your local system administrator for assistance.

If you would like see a live demonstration of WINSALES Interactive Training, please call us at 425-831-7915 ext 572 or email



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