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WINSALES Support Document - sup268

Version: 5.0
Revised: 10/4/04

How Can I Reassign One Sales Rep's Contacts And Scheduled Activities To Many Sales Reps?
Silent Partner has developed a wizard to handle reassigning sales rep’s contacts and scheduled activities. The one to many sales rep reassignment wizard enables users to select one sales rep to reassign, then one or more sales reps to reassign the data to.

How Does It Work?
The wizard prompts the user for a sales rep to reassign, then for the sales rep(s) to reassign the contacts and activities to. The wizard will find all contacts linked to the sales rep to reassign, then go through each contact and update the sales rep and the contact’s scheduled activities with the reassigned sales rep to the new sales rep. The wizard then rotates to the next sales rep to reassign to before updating the next contact and their activities. The wizard balances the reassigned contacts and their scheduled activities between the sales reps selected to reassign the data to. Once all the contacts are updated the wizard finds all the scheduled activities for the sales rep to reassign. These scheduled activities are linked to contacts that do not have the reassigned sales rep as the contact sales rep, or they already would have been reassigned when going through the contacts. The wizard then goes through all the scheduled activities rotating the sales rep to assign to balance the new activities between the new sales reps. Finally the sales rep record that was reassigned is updated to start with a “z” so their name goes to the bottom of the sales rep list so they are not an active selection but historical data (resolved and cancelled activities) by the sales rep will still reflect their name. If there are no contacts linked to the sales rep to reassign, only scheduled activities, the wizard will update the activities as described above.

How Do I Get The Wizard In My Database?
If you have the ONE TO ONE sales rep reassignment wizard Silent Partner can update your database replacing the ONE TO ONE wizard with the ONE TO MANY logic described above. If your database does not have a user wizard for reassigning contacts Silent Partner can add the wizard to your database where it will be a choice in the WINSALES + TOOLS + WIZARDS + USER wizards area.

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