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WINSALES Support Document - sup264

Version: 5.0
Revised: 8/20/04

Remote site databases have Auto-Add Custom Response disabled

QUESTION: Do Auto-Add Custom Response fields not work in remote databases? It looks like it is converting it to a fixed list when create the remote site database. Am I doing something wrong?

ANSWER: Fields that have a drop-down valid response list, where custom responses are also permitted, and where such a custom response is automatically added to the list, function differently at the remote sites. Such a field will not permit a custom entry at remote sites. If it is necessary to permit a custom response for such a field, you'll need to disable the auto-add feature for the field.

WINSALES does not like the concept of STRUCTURAL CHANGES at a remote site, which adding to lists via auto-add are structural changes from the programís perspective. There is no way around this unless you with to disable or never synchronize the remotes. WINSALES is looking at the SYNCTYPE in the WINSALES table of the database and based on M or S it allows you to do this, R it does not. The only way to potentially work around this is to manually change that SYNCTYPE to M in the WINSALES table of that remote database after it is created using MS ACCESS. Then you could NOT SYNC unless you manually changed the SYNCTYPE back to R at the remote site. We do NOT recommend this.

Auto-Add Custom Response is a concept that puts the administrator in the position of having no control over the data entered and thus the field list. We recommend a remote administrator user uses the REMOTE ADMINISTRATOR program to add new list choices through the ADMINISTRATOR, or those get added at MASTER database and syncíd down to remote sites.

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