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WINSALES Support Document - sup249

Version: 5.0
Revised: 2/5/04

After Running The Consolidation Utility There Are Records That Have Not Been Consolidated

Working with the Consolidation utility to combine duplicate records and after running the consolidation program there are records that are not being consolidated

For those not familiar with the Consolidation program please review the documentation available at:

There are two scenarios we know of where the Consolidation utility will not run through to completion:

1) Text values in the Master Record ID field that the Consolidation utility does know how to handle.

2) ID’s listed in the Master Record ID field are no longer valid contact ID’s in the database cause the Consolidation utility to stop.

In scenario number one above where text values exist in the MASTER RECORD ID field for one or more contacts, those simply need to be removed before the utility will work. The MASTER RECORD ID field can only hold Contact ID values, no text based responses. The WS_Consolidate.log created by the utility in the application directory will list the error, “data type mismatch in criteria expression” when this problem exists. Users will need to do a Workbench query in WINSALES to find all contacts, then include the field Master Record ID and sort by that field. With that query results scroll down to the bottom as all numeric responses will be listed first, then any text values will be listed after the numbers. You will need to double click on the text values in the grid to drill to the contact record and remove the value, or update it to be the appropriate contact ID. Click here to see an example log file with text values in the Master Record ID

The second scenario is where the MASTER RECORD ID value does not exist as a CONTACT ID. This means the contact you have set to have the consolidation utility combine the duplicate record with no longer exists in the database. The contact could have been deleted, or potentially consolidated with another contact. The WS_Consolidate.log created by the utility in the application directory will list the error, “123456 <-- 168823: Missing Master - Severe Error Cannot Continue”, with 123456 being the value that no longer exists. To solve this problem users in WINSALES can enter the value that doesn’t exist (123456) into the MASTER RECORD ID and click FIND to find that contact, then remove the MASTER RECORD ID and update to whatever is appropriate. Removing the value will allow the consolidation utility to continue and process any other records that need to be consolidated. Click here to see an example log file where the Contact ID listed as the Master Record ID doesn't exist

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