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Version: 5.0
Revised: 2/4/04

Tracking Phone Numbers Listed With The National Do Not Call Registry

For those of you who are making sales calls to individuals that are not familiar with the National Do Not Call Registry, please educate yourself by viewing the websites set up by the government at and for businesses

For WINSALES customers who are concerned about calling phone numbers that are registered with the National Do Not Call list there are some fairly simple steps you can take to ensure the phone numbers removed from your database.


A business that signs up to receive updates from the government of phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry have several options on how to receive that information. Our recommendation is to receive the full list of all numbers registered each time you receive an update. The registry you receive is simply a text file with phone numbers registered in one column. You will save the TEXT file as a CSV file. Then in WINSALES set up a import plan that will go through all the phone numbers in the file if a matching phone number in your WINSALES database is found the import will flag the contact. Once the import has completed you can search to find the contacts that have been flagged in the WINSALES database to remove the phone numbers for continued marketing via mail, or use the Administrator wizards to delete the contacts and activities.


Create a field on your CONTACT window using the WINSALES ADMINISTRATOR called NATIONAL DO NOT CALL that is YES/NO.

Once you register with the government you will get a file periodically with all phone numbers registered.


Full List Download is a download that contains all the registered telephone numbers within the area codes that are part of your organization’s subscription. Downloads of multiple area codes or states have to be done sequentially by file. Each area code or state list is a discrete file. A download of the entire National Registry is one discrete file. Flat Text File is a comma-delimited file containing one area code and telephone number per line, separated by a comma.

You will receive the file with phone numbers in it that is a TEXT based file and opening the file in Excel you will want to format the phone number as a phone number so it matches the values you have stored in WINSALES by right clicking on the column and choosing FORMAT + SPECIAL and PHONE NUMBER. Save that file as a CSV using Excel into a directory where you will store that file and your WINSALES Import Plan will find the CSV file to process. Note: The format of the phone number must match exactly what is in the WINSALES database phone number field. You may need to export out all WINSALES phone numbers with the contact unique ID to format the phone numbers in the database with Excel and import to update the records.

In WINSALES you will then go to FILE + IMPORT and set up and save a new IMPORT PLAN with a target of CONTACT that pulls the CSV file you have saved with the phone numbers. In the import plan you map the phone number in the Do Not Call CSV file to the PHONE in your WINSALES database. Then you INSERT VALUE of YES and map that to the field you created to flag contacts (NATIONAL DO NOT CALL). In the OPTIONS of the import plan you will the plan to detect duplicates using the PHONE field (select from the list) and then set the option to UPDATE. This will set the import plan to run through the phone numbers in the file and if any matches are found it will update the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL field to YES. Important Note: If you receive errors in the data integrity section of the import processing be sure to check the ERR (error) and REJ (reject) files that are created in the same directory as the CSV file before processing as a phone number that is duplicated in your database will create an ERROR as the import will not know which contact to update. You will need to manually look up and change the phone numbers or resolve why there are two contacts with the same phone number.

When you're done with the import, any contacts flagged with the National Do Not Call set to YES are in the registry. and you want to take appropriate action to remove the phone number of use the Administrative wizards to delete the contact and their activities.

Each time you receive an updated file from the registry you will go through the process of saving it as a CSV file and running the saved Import Plan you created, then removing the phone numbers or taking appropriate action.

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