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WINSALES Support Document - sup246

Version: 5.0
Revised: 2/4/04

Activities Must Be SAVED Before Merge With MS Word

In WINSALES 5.0 before a merge with Word can be performed from an ACTIVITY the activity must be saved! For example this means when you are creating a new Correspondence activity to merge and send a letter to a contact, you must go to the Correspondence activity and click NEW and SCHEDULE or PERFORM NOW and create the Correspondence activity, then click the SAVE button to actually save the new activity. Then you can double click the icon next to the letter field to launch WORD and merge the contact information into the letter.

If you do not SAVE the activity before merging, the contact information associated with the last saved activity to be merged will be merged into the document instead of the current contact information that you are working with. Make sure you SAVE activities before merging!!

This information does not apply to Fulfillment Center merges as the Fulfillment Center program only works with scheduled activities that have been saved.

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