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WINSALES Support Document - sup242

Version: 5.0
Revised: 12/10/03

Errors Installing WINSALES 5.0 That MDAC 2.6 Could Not Be Installed Which Ends The Installation

When attempting to install WINSALES 5.0 the software is looking for components installed by other Microsoft applications that WINSALES will be working with. The older your machine the more likely you will have issues that need to be addressed before WINSALES 5.0 can be installed properly.

When installing the software if you receive the message below that MDAC 2.6 could not be installed on your machine.

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These MDAC errors installing the software usually indicate MDAC is not installed on the machine and the WINSALES 5.0 installation is not able to install MDAC on the fly. Customers have solved this problem by running the JET 4.0 update from Microsoft which installs many of the standard components and MDAC. Once you have installed the appropriate JET 4.0 service pack you should retry installing WINSALES 5.0.

There are different downloads of JET 4.0 dependent on your operating system. For users working with Windows 98 or Windows 2000 we have seen the JET 4.0 service pack solve a myriad of installation issues where those operating systems did not have the components WINSALES 5.0 is looking for on installation and the JET 4.0 service pack installed and solved the problems so WINSALES 5.0 would install and work properly.

Windows XP: Microsoft JET 4.0 SP8 Download Page

Windows 2000: Microsoft JET 4.0 SP8 Download Page

Windows 95/98/NT: Microsoft JET 4.0 SP7 Download Page

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