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WINSALES Support Document - sup236

Version: 5.0
Revised: 4/25/05

Advanced Contact Duplicate Detection

WINSALES uses Matchcode for duplicate detection, but this doesn't include the phone number. If you use WINSALES to sell directly to people where you're dealing with husbands and wives (the real estate industry for example) you may want to incorporate the advanced duplicate detection programming into your database. Silent Partner can add the programming logic so when users enter a new contact record, or modify an existing contact records ADDRESS1 or PHONE the program will check to see if any other contact records have that PHONE or ADDRESS1 and will display those contact names for the user to click OK to. The user can then add the value or clear and find one of those contacts to update. This functionality has helped customers eliminate duplicate records when husband and wives contact a company separately. Since the husband a wife have a different FIRST NAME values the MATCHCODE algorithm does not flag the record as a duplicate, this advanced duplicate detection finds the contact already in the database and prevents users from entering the duplicate record! This can save time and money in cleaning up the duplicate records and duplicate effort in the sales process not only wastes time but also makes you look bad with duplicate mailing and calls.

Contact Silent Partner for more information on implementing advanced duplicate detection!


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