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WINSALES Support Document - sup235

Version: 5.0
Revised: 8/19/03

Select Multiple Action Plans In Wizards

Customers working with databases that employ the use of “wizards” through the WINSALES TRIGGER LANGUAGE to prompt for a “Next Step” selection when entering a contact of activity have “Action Plan” as a choice. With that selection of “Action Plan” the wizard displays a list of Action Plans that the user can select one and click NEXT and the Action Plan is initiated.

With newly developed triggers modifying the display and selection of Action Plans in the wizard Silent Partner can offer customers the ability to select multiple Action Plans in a Next Step wizard and when the user clicks NEXT the contact is initiated on all of the selected Action Plans.

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This makes for more efficient user interaction as users will no longer need to go back to the CONTACT window to initiate manually additional Action Plans.

Contact Silent Partner for a proposal to modify your database wizards to support selecting multiple Action Plans!

See SUP203 for more information about selecting multiple Action Plans from wizards.


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