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WINSALES Support Document - sup227

Version: 5.0
Revised: 12/9/03

Workbench Mail Merge Document Has Leading Backslash Added To Value From User Setting Path Issues

If the FormLetterPath or FormLetterLocalPath are missing the backslash “\” at the end of the path the program will add the backslash inappropriatly when populating the document selected for a Workbench Mail Merge.

For example in a Workbench Mail Merge on the OPTIONS tab when you select BROWSE next to the DOCUMENT value and select a document to mail merge with, ABC.DOC for example, instead of populating the Document value as “ABC.DOC” you would have “\ABC.DOC” and the merge doesn’t work unless you remove the backslash.

To solve this problem update the FormLetterPath or FormLetterLocalPath under OPTIONS + MODIFY + USER SETTINGS and the WORD PROCESSING tab and select, modify, and save under NEW SETTING the FormLetterPath if you work in the master database, or the FormLetterLocalPath if you work in a remote database to include the ending backslash and the problem should be solved!

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