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WINSALES Support Document - sup176

Version: 5.0
Revised: 5/18/04

Using Contact References To Tables As Merge Fields In 5.0

Problem: How can I use references to tables on the Contact window as merge fields in my WORD documents?

Solution: In WINSALES 5.0 to use a reference to a table on the Contact window as a merge field in your WinSales form letters you would add first check if the reference to the table has a ALTERNATE NAME by opening ADMINISTRATOR and going to the CONTACT + ELEMENTS and selecting the link to the table you wish to merge. If there is an Aleternate Name assigned then the merge field you will work with is the Aleternate Name_ID. If there is no Alternate name then take note of the Field To Display that has been selected. The merge field will be Field To Display_ID.

For Example: If you wanted to make a reference to the Marketing Details table from the contact window a merge field the Alternate Name is the what we will use plus _ID. Add that to the WINSALES_MAPPING.XML file and then insert the document merge field defined in the XML into the Word document using the Insert Word Field feature (see href="" target="_blank">sup161). If there is no alternate name we need the Field To Display’s column heading. Close the Contact elements windows and from the Activity and Tables list double click the Marketing Details table and look at the Elements and select the FIELD TO DISPLAY so you can view the DETAIL of the field (Media Name in the example above) to verify the column heading. If the column heading is MediaName we would then insert the MediaName into the document as a merge field (see


Uniqe column headings for fields to dislpay: When merging references to tables the FIELD TO DISPLAY names must be unique. If you have references to different tables and the FIELD TO DISPLAY values are the same WINSALES will not know which value to merge. For example if you have two tables where the FIELD TO DISPLAY is NAME you would have problems. You would need to give the field a different COLUMN HEADING (like the MediaName used for the Marketing Details table in the example above).

Multiple references to the same table on the contact window: When you have multiple references to a table on the contact window (for instance multiple links to SALESREP is not uncommon), the program will not be able to determine which SALESREP you are using as a merge value for SALESREP for this contact if you do not use an Alternate Name. It is recommended you always add an alternate name when creating links to tables.

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