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WINSALES Support Document - sup196

Version: 5.0
Revised: 3/22/05

Setting Up WinSales To Send Email using SMTP

WinSales 5.0 supports sending email through OUTLOOK and SMTP. WinSales allows you to send both HTML and TEXT based emails from WinSales and the Fulfillment Center using OUTLOOK or SMTP. To set up email using SMTP you will need to modify user settings:

Modify your USER SETTINGS in WinSales under Options + Modify + User Settings. To update user settings for all user log into the Administrator program and go under Edit + User Settings and use the update all users option before saving. Remember users must be logged out of the database for you to update their settings through Administrator

General.UseEmail – On the General tab the UseEmail setting must be set to 1.

Contact.EmailAddressAttribute – On the Contact tab select the setting and in the NEW SETTING drop down list select the field on the CONTACT window that stores the email address value.

Word Processing.EMailSubjectField– On the Word Processing tab the EmailSubjectField must be set to the field on the activity that contains the subject value that will be the subject of the email, usually this is the Subject field. If you don't have a subject field add that to your database using the Administrator program.

Word Processing.EMailMethodField– On the Word Processing tab the EmailMethodField must be set to the field on the activity that contains the method value that will tell WINSALES to send an email. Usually this is the METHOD field.

Word Processing.EMailMethodValue– On the Word Processing tab the EmailMethodValue must be set to the value that will be in the METHOD field to tell WinSales to send an email. Usually this value is “Email”. This setting must be set exactly to the value in the list and is case sensative!!

Word Processing.EmailPreference– On the Word Processing tab set this setting to SMTP. This is case sensative and must be upper case!!

Word Processing.EmailProfile - On the Word Processing tab for SMTP this value contains parameters to access the SMTP server. The parameters are delimited by semi-colons. Some email systems may be case sensitive, we suggest you use lower case when entering the parameters. The key parameters are host and name: host is the DNS name or IP address of email server. name is sender name to apply to the outgoing email.
For example: host=;name=silentpartner;

Word Processing.EmailUserID – On the Word Processing tab set this to the user profile of the user who will be sending email. This will be the value in the FROM name when contacts receive the email.

Word Processing.EmailPassword – On the Word Processing tab this should be set to the password of the user ID if needed to access email system. This should not be necessary to set unless in extreme cases.

If you do not have any of the below user settings you will need to add the user setting in the WinSales Administrator under EDIT + USER SETTINGS using the EDITOR tab. See sup153 for more information on using the EDITOR tab to modify User Settings.

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