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WINSALES Support Document - sup159

Version: 5.0
Revised: 9/19/02

Outlook Security Prompts For Approval When Sending Email From WINSALES

Problem: Users working with WINSALES on machines where Microsoft Outlook is installed (versions 2000 and higher) will be prompted to confirm every time WinSales sends email on your behalf. This commonly occurs when users are running SYNCHRONIZATION through email, when sending emails from FULFILLMENT CENTER or WINSALES, or if your database is set up to send emails through triggers.

Solution: The Microsoft Outlook prompts are entirely appropriatte for the settings you have for your machine. The Microsoft Outlook security features restrict programs ability to access your email without your approval. This is done because of issues with viruses and programs that may act malicously in accessing your email account.

To stop the warning messages from Outlook you will need to modify your security settings. If you are using Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server you will need your Exchange Server Administrator to assist you in making these modifications. For more information on customizing the security settings please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:

KB article Q290499 on Administrator Information About E-Mail Security Features: Q290499

From Q290499: An Outlook E-mail Security Administrator Package has been developed to allow you to customize the security settings for various Exchange Server users. The Outlook E-mail Security Administrator Package includes a ocument (Readme.doc) that explains how to customize and apply custom Outlook security settings. You can install the Outlook E-mail Security Administrator Package (Admpack.exe) from one of the following locations: From the Microsoft Office Resource Kit Web site or from the Microsoft Office XP Enterprise CD located in the following folder: \Ork\Files\Pfiles\Orktools\Ork10\Tools\Admpack

KB article Q290497 on not being able to open Attachments: Q290497

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