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WINSALES Support Document - sup049

Version: 5.0
Revised: 8/19/03

Reassigning Contacts & Scheduled Activities To A New Sales Rep

In WINSALES you could manually reassign contacts and activities by finding the record and manually changing the SALES REP associated with the contact and activity. You could use the MASS UPDATE wizard (TOOLS + WIZARDS + ADMINISTRATOR) to update all contacts associated with one sales rep to another new rep. Then a MASS UPDATE for each activity type to find those scheduled for the old sales rep and update to the new sales rep. This is a several step process.

The Rep-realignment wizard in WINSALES (TOOLS + WIZARDS + USER) was created to make this an easier process where users can run the wizard where they will be prompted to select a sales rep to search for, then a sales rep to update the contacts and activities to. When the user launches that wizard the program will automatically update all contacts and activities with a STATUS of SCHEDULED to the new sales rep. To split the contacts and activities from one rep to many sales reps requires additional programming, or use of the MASS UPDATE wizards to further quantify what contacts will be found and updated.

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