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Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an integrated sales and customer service application. Microsoft CRM was developed to offer mid market organizations the ability to automate and integrate customer-based strategies and processes that serve to increase revenues and elevate customer satisfaction. The result of which is the lowering of customer acquisition and retention costs, leading to greater long term profitability.

Marinaware is a modular and scalable system for managing all aspects of large harbors or smaller pleasure craft municiple marinas. The system offers reservation management, multiple billing levels, electric meter reads, point of sale for ship stores or resturants and mobile pocket PC operations on the dock. Marinaware is networkable for enterprise needs or can be operated as a stand alone system with a single workstation. The system is also offered on a subscription basis eliminating the need to support network servers and technical infrastructures.

WINSALES is a flexible solution for managing customer relationships. Silent Partner continues to provide support to existing users of the WINSALES system.



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