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Silent Partner
Silent Partner is a developer of computer software solutions used to automate the process of marketing, sales and customer care.

Recognized companies have relied on the solutions developed and supported by Silent Partner to help manage their prospect and customer relationships. These solutions have served to optimise an organization's sales and marketing processes. They help sales teams to identify and move qualified prospects through the selling process more profitably. Customer care and administrative support members are able to achieve elevated levels of customer satisfaction by having centralized and up to date information at their finger tips. Management obtains greater visability on marketing effectivness and sales activity giving them the information they need to make better strategic descisons.

Each system deploys the use of "Action Plans" and a "Closed Loop Business Process". Pre-defined Action Plans automate many of your repetitive sales and marketing functions insuring they are performed with relentless consistency. When these processes are applied within the Closed Loop system, you have a winning combination that will generate increased sales and build stronger competitive resistant relationships with customers, clients, members or patients.

Companies both large and small are benefiting from Silent Partner's no nonsense, cost effective approach to automating their sales, marketing and customer care processes. We invite you to take a look.

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Optimizing your sales and marketing efforts through the use of technology.
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